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**NEW FEATURE** - We have now added links to surveys for individual parcels. To access these click on a parcel to open up the information pop-up, then click the 'More Info' beside the Survey Link field. It will open the corresponding survey in a new window. 


Parcel Map Disclaimer:

This GIS Parcel Map provided by Monroe County is a resource of general information. The Tax Parcel information contained within is continually updated by the Monroe County GIS/Mapping staff. The GIS data provided in these shape files are for reference purposes only and should NOT be considered as a legal document. This map should never be relied upon to establish with certainty the location of property lines or the location of any other feature in relation to a property line. To establish a property line or the relationship of a feature to a property line you must engage the services of a Professional Surveyor registered to practice in the State of Ohio. The GIS data provided by Monroe County is made available on the condition that the user willingly agrees to waive any and all claims that may be brought against Monroe County, the Monroe County Assessors Office, its contractors, and/or its employees. By accessing and using this data you are releasing Monroe County, The Monroe County Assessors Offices, its contractors, and its employees from all liability that may occur from any omissions, errors, or inaccuracies in the data. 

If you have READ AND AGREE with the disclaimer above CLICK HERE to access the Interactive Parcel Map.