Economic Development

Cost Of Business

Ohio Labor Market Information
Broadband Access
Natural Gas Suppliers:
Dominion East Ohio Gas Co. (PO Box 268 Marietta, OH)
Columbia Gas of Ohio (200 Center Dr. Columbus, OH)
Electricity Suppliers:
Woodsfield Electric (Woodsfield, OH)
Washington Electric (PO Box 664 Marietta, OH)
South Central Power Co. (PO Box 270 Barnesville, OH)
Monongahela Power Co. (1803 Murdock Ave. PO Box 1667 Parkersburg, WV)
Ohio Power Co. (PO Box 1000 Canton, OH)
Vital County Statistics
Major Employers
Monroe County Government
Ormet Corporation
Riesbeck's Food Markets
Safe Auto Insurance Co.
Slay Industries
Switzerland of Ohio Local Board of Education
Woodsfield Nursing Center
Extendicare/Woodsfield Nursing Home
Cost of Living:
Per Capita Personal Income in 2003: $21, 277
Median Household Income in 1999: $30,467
Total Housing Units = 7,212        Median Value: $62,500
Median year built = 1963
Median Gross Rent = $352
Public Schools: 10                                                                Non-Public School: 1
Students (Aver. daily membership) = 2,717                    Enrollment: 89
Teachers (Full-time equiv.) = 196
Student-Teacher Ratio= 13.9
Graduation rate: 93.1
Vital Statistics:
Births (rate per 1,000 population): 10.8
Deaths (rate per 1,000 population): 10.3
Marriages (rate per 1,000 population): 7.3
Divorces (rate per 1,000 population): 4.3
Total Population:     15,180
Population by Age:                                 
Population by Race: Total Minority: 1.7%
Under 6                        992
6 to 17 years                2,574
18 to 24 years              1,070
25 to 44 years              3,951
45 to 64 years             4, 129
65 years +                   2,464
Median age: 40.8
Total crimes reported in Uniform Crime Report = 16
Voting: 29 precincts
Registered Voters = 10,350
Percent Turnout in 2004 = 77.2%
Weekly: Monroe County Beacon - circulation: 5000
Weekly Advertiser: Monroe County Sentinel  - Circulation 7,500
Monroe County District Library - Woodsfield 60,000+ volumes
472-1954 (Open Mon.-Thurs. 10a.m.-8p.m. and Fri. & Sat. 10a.m.-5p.m.)
Dally Memorial Library - Sardis
Mon-Weds. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Fri. 10 a.m.-8p.m.; sat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Closed Thursday/Sun.
Monroe County has 32 taxing subdivisions. Monroe county's tax rates are among the state's lowest. The revolving loan program is another benefit; it has been used for financing by several dozen businesses.
Monroe County is eager to welcome new and expanding businesses. The county can offer many incentives including Enterprise Zone status, low tax rates and a revolving loan program.
Real & Personal Property Taxes
Rate for public utility, commercial, industrial & mineral property ( 2006 )
50.48 mils, gross ( 50.00 net)
Monroe County's gross rate  (2005):
41% less than state average
52% less than Ohio's highest county  (Cuyahoga)
14% less than adjacent Ohio counties   (Belmont - 19%, Washington - 9%)
Monroe County's net rate:
33% less than state average
45% less than state average
8% less than adjacent Ohio counties  (Belmont County)
Municipal Income Taxes
1%, village of Woodsfield
No other areas of county have local income taxes
Sales/Use Taxes
7%  total  sales tax
1.5% Monroe County local sales tax
Enterprise Zone
Covers most areas of county including both industrial sites
Provides opportunity to negotiate tax incentives on new or expanding projects
Incentives can go up to 75% in incorporated area of county for up to 10 years
Each project agreement is negotiated locally & individually