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We understand that you and your customers may have questions about accessing medical insurance with the recent changes to healthcare laws through the Affordable Care Act and the expansion of Ohio'sMedicaid eligibility. Below you will find information that will help you guide your customers as they navigate the new eligibility determination systems associated with these changes.

To accommodate the changes and expansion of eligibility, Ohio is rolling out a new system for applying for Medicaid in Monroe County and throughout the state. The new system is available to consumers at

The State of Ohio has announced that will be available for consumers to apply for Medicaid under expanded eligibility starting on December 9, 2013, for Medicaid coverage to begin on or after January 1, 2014.

Additional categories of Medicaid will be rolled out on in phases for approximately the next 12 months. Until all phases are complete, the application for some categories ofMedicaid assistance will only be available through the current online system ( or by visiting Monroe County Job & Family Services (MCJFS). A flowchart is included to help you and your consumers navigate the application process for Medicaid at each phase.

Monroe County Job and Family Services (MCJFS) and the State of Ohio have embraced a "no wrong door policy for individuals and families seeking Medicaid assistance. Considering the convenience for the customer, (MCJFS) encourages most customers to apply for Medicaid online at an available computer or the.(MCJFS) office's community resource room. Customers, who are uncomfortable completing the app online, may visit the (MCJFS) office for a paper application. Customers may also apply by calling the State of Ohio's Medicaid hotline at 800.324.8680.

Monroe Countians who are not Medicaid eligible should visit the federal Marketplace to shop for private health insurance by visiting In the spirit of "no wrong door," the federal Marketplace will alert applicants to potential Medicaid eligibility. In this case, the system is designed to transfer the customer's application to to explore Medicaid eligibility. Those who start their applications on the Medicaid eligibility system ( and are determined ineligible for Medicaid will have their applications transferred to the federal Marketplace to shop for private insurance.

While the is up and running, currently it can only be used to determineMedicaid eligibility for new applicants who wish to start their coverage on or after January 1, 2014. Current Medicaid recipients and those looking for coverage to start before January 1, 2014, can apply or make changes to their cases by using the current online portal (eGateway), visiting the (MCJFS) community resource room at 100 Home Ave. Woodsfield, Ohio 43793, or by calling the agency at 740.472.1602

Those enrolled or interested in applying for Medicaid - Aged, Blind, or Disabled (ABD), long term care, or Medicaid waiver should also continue to use the current application process, including the eGateway online system ( or by visiting our office. These categories of Medicaid are scheduled to be added to the new eligibility system at the end of 2014.

Community partners should encourage potentially Medicaid eligible individuals and families to apply for coverage. For convenience to the customer MCJFS recommends directing consumers to, which is a 24/7 self-service website, to apply. Customers may also apply by calling the State of Ohio's Medicaid hotline at 800.324.8680. If customers need additional assistance, they should contact MCJFS directly by dialing 740.472.1602.

 Individuals who are not Medicaid eligible can shop for private health insurance through 

The information released by the State_and federal government is updated frequently. To stay up-to-date on the latest information, customers and community partners may visit:  (State)  (Federal)