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Monroe County Department of Job & Family Services, 100 Home Avenue, Woodsfield, OH is conducting a PRC back to school clothing and supplies program for families with children enrolled in K through 12th grade for the August 2019-June 2020 school year.

Families must:

1.)     Be a resident of Monroe County

2.)     Have at least one MINOR child residing in the home who is enrolled in K through 12th grade (school enrollment verification will be required if your child is not on the list that the school provides to the agency)

3.)    Meet income guidelines. NOTE: Proof of gross income is required for ALL household members. Food stamp eligibility is not an automatic approval. 

4.)    Photo ID required at the time of application.

Shopping dates will be August 12-August 14, 2019 at the Ohio Valley Mall and Walmart.  Shopping day assignments and details will be provided at the time of application.


Applications will be available and accepted at Monroe County Job & Family Services July 8-11 and July 15-18, 2019.  Applications received after 3:30 on July 18th will not be accepted.  No exceptions.   

Eligibility will be determined the day of application submission. You must be prepared to stay for an in-person eligibility interview and have all required verification documents.  These documents include:

1.)    A state issued photo id

2.)    Income verification from ANY source (i.e. employment, SSI, child support, etc) We calculate eligibility based on GROSS income received in a household 30 days prior to the application date.  Please bring a copy of all income received in the month of JUNE 2019 and up to the date of application in JULY 2019 to be sure to cover the correct timeframe.  The agency will sort out what is needed. 


If you do not have the proper documentation, you will not be able to complete your application until everything is provided.  You will be asked to return to the agency before the application deadline with the application and correct documentation if more is needed.


If your application is processed, an approval or denial letter will be issued on the day of application. 


Please note that anyone residing in the household must be counted and must submit any income.


      Please note:  There will NOT be a gas card program this year.


      If you have an outstanding PRC loan, please make sure it is in good standing and regular payments

      are being made.


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