Tax Map Department

About Us

The Monroe County Tax Map Department is located in room number 24 on the second floor of the Monroe County Courthouse. 

The Tax Map Department is in charge of creating, filing, maintaining and updating a wide range of different resources including Current Tax Maps, Historic Maps, Survey Plats, GIS Mapping, etc. Among these duties we also review deed descriptions during the recording process for compliance with the Monroe County Requirements for Conveyance and the Monroe County Subdivision Regulations, both of which can be found in the Documents and Files page. 

We do provide pre-approvals of legal descriptions that will be transferring at a later date. To avoid a delay, instruments should be submitted at least two days prior to the transfer. We strongly recommend pre-approving all instruments of conveyance for review to ensure a quick and smooth transfer process. The office will strive to review all legal description submittals in the order the office receives them, and you may submit these documents through the mail, fax, or email and we usually respond with our findings in as little as 24 hours. However, please note that larger or more complex documents should allow for enough time before transfer so that we may go through the full review process.

While we strive to provide the public the most up to date mapping that we can, it should be understood that we are constantly updating our files and correcting errors that we find. To help us have the best mapping we can please do not hesitate to fill out an Error Reporting Form, contact us or stop by and inform us if you find anything that is suspect or in error.  Our office will look into every situation and do the best to our ability to understand the error and correct it as necessary to improve the accuracy of our data as we serve you, the public.

2019 Map Dept. Statistics: A total of 665 deed descriptions were reviewed and stamped, 81 new surveys were checked and filed, and 62 new parcels were created.