Auditor's Office



Property listing work remains in progress for the 2022 Reappraisal, which will be effective in the 2023 calendar year.  Field review is progressing in various parts of the County. As of May 2022, field review work is in progress in at least three different townships.  While property listing requires that appraisers visit every property in the County to verify the information currently on file with the Auditor's Office, field review is a final inspection to determine preliminary market values for the effective year. While an appraiser might need to measure a building added since listing work was performed or make note of a building removed since then, appraisers will not be knocking on doors or making contact with property owners. Rather they will be driving by each property to set a value for the upcoming tax year. All aspects of appraisal work will be ongoing through the middle of 2022.

Appraisers cannot answer questions about tax calculations, or how much your taxes will be in the next year. If you have questions about how any changes may impact your tax bill, please call the office. 

Appraisers will have identification badges, as well as signs on their vehicles. (Please note that appraisers may also be in other areas of the County working on yearly new construction and destroyed building appraisals at the same time that reappraisal is taking place.)

Please remember that the Ohio Revised Code requires that any new construction (including remodeling) must be reported to the Auditor's Office within sixty days of the start of construction. You can find the proper forms for reporting on the the Commonly Used Forms page, under Real Estate.

Any buildings removed during the 2022 calendar year must be reported by the end of the year for an adjustment to be made to the 2022 property value. The form for reporting destroyed buildings can also be found on the Commonly Used Forms page.

The Auditor's Office strives to be as fair and accurate as possible when appraising property. Timely reporting of any buildings added or removed helps us to achieve that goal.